Wide Awake Princess

The Wide-Awake Princess (Wide-Awake Princess, #1)

My daughter and I just finished this book
by E.D. Baker
The story is about Annie
the younger sister of Gwendolyn
also known as Sleeping Beauty
After the Curse that Gwendolyn was given at birth
(sleeping for 100 years, after touching a spinning wheel on her 16th birthday)
her parents asked the farires for a gift for Annie
that would keep her safe
She got the gift that no magic would work on her
or effect her
Which is a main theme of the book
They story starts on Gwendolyn’s 16th birthday
where even with all the safeguards
she still manages to prick her finger on a spinning wheel
Thus sending the entire castle
except Annie
into a 100 year sleep
Annie then sets out on a mission
to find Prince’s to kiss her sister and break the spell
Her friend and guard from her parents army, Liam, joins in her search.
You join Annie on her quest to find Prince’s to kiss her sister
Many fairy tales are weaved through the storytelling
Which makes it a fun story to read
as you recognize and enjoy the twist
on familiar fairy tales!
My daughter and I really enjoyed reading this book together
it was a fun read 
It is obviously geared towards younger adults/kids
knowing that,
 I did actually have a few issues with certain
stories in the book
The Rapunzel story bothered me
especially when one of the Prince’s comes to see her
and mentioned that he comes to see her every week
but that he also has a WIFE!
I would rather not explain to my 10 year old
why this prince was coming to visit
when he has a wife at home
I could have done without that part in the story 😛
Other than a few adult items like that in the book
we enjoyed it
and now I want to get started on the Sequel!
I want to find out what happens next!!
So pick up a copy at amazon!
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