Dinner salad with Homemade croutons and Chicken

Never overlook a delicious
dinner salad
to have as your dinner during the summer!

It is the perfect time of year for it
Vegetables are plentiful in gardens
and the options are seemingly limitless
We got our first
Bountiful Basket,
this last weekend,
and in it was 2 bunches of
Romaine Lettuce
so a giant salad was a logical choice!
We cooked up some chicken
made some homemade croutons
Used my new Avocado Dressing
Carrots, Cucumber,
fresh nectarines and watermelon on the side
(also in the Bountiful basket!)
We were out of Red Onion
(I LOVE it raw in salads)
otherwise, it would have been perfect!
Use your imagination
use your favorite veggies/fruits
and create a healthy dinner salad 🙂
For the Croutons:
I used the last of a couple of random pieces of bread from different loaves (whole wheat in our case). I buttered/Smart Balanced them and sprinkled granulated garlic on it (Parmesan would be great too!). I cut the bread into smaller squares and placed them under the broiler. Once they start to toast, I flipped them to the other side. Once that side is toasty, they are done. EASY! My son was dipping them in the Avocado Dressing
I have also done this in a skillet on the stovetop, and used olive oil to toast up the bread instead of butter. I think the broiler is easier, but it also works on the stovetop! 
I just cooked cubed chicken (no oil or anything!) in fresh garlic and Montreal Steak Seasoning. Took just a few minutes and it turns out delicious! Fantastic with the Avocado Dressing!
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