HP Slate 7

My husband just picked one of these up at work
a few weeks ago
(he is a software engineer)

We have an iPad
and a couple of HP touchpads
I must say,
I love tablets for kids, travel, watching videos, etc.
They are not very useful for doing anything
but they are fun
and extremely useful with kids
I am not sure how we survived car trips
before we had tablets to entertain the kids!
Now I may need to *duck*
when I say this
but I am not a fan of our iPad
*duck for cover*
is that blasphemy?
I rarely hear people talk badly about apple
but compared to other products
I am not as happy with our iPad as I am with others
#1 reason?
My kids have broken the screen TWICE
and that is WITH covers and screen protectors on it
Our others have been dropped
and nothing happened to them
the battery on the iPad is actually really good!
The HP Slate 7 8G Tablet
is one of the cheapest, reliable
android tablets on the market

My favorite feature
the SD card slot!!!
Why haven’t more manufacturers put those slots in their tablets?!?!
It is so incredibly useful and nice!

It has Beats Audio
for the best sound available on any tablet

It has dual cameras and integrated printing
to make capturing those moments even easier!

We have been happy with this little tablet
putting our tablet count to 4!
(our other tables are 10″, this is our first 7″ smaller tablet)
We are going to be using every one of them
on our upcoming road trip!

I need to write you a review
of our AWESOME
 wireless, hard drive
that creates its own wifi network
which works REALLY well when travelling!

But back to the matter I am writing about…
The HP Slate 7 8G Tablet
is well worth the $169 price point
probably the best value out there
We love ours
and would get another one in a heartbeat!
It will be worth every penny
come that road trip in a few weeks
and having happy, quiet kids
when stuck in a car for 12 hours
it worth its weight in gold!

also available at Amazon.com

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