Kiva - loans that change lives
is one of my favorite organizations

It is a program
where you can LEND $25
to a person in another country
to start or help build their business
and make a living for themselves and their families
Having lived some of my teenage years
in different countries in Latin America
(my Dad worked for the US gov’t)
I saw so much suffering and poverty firsthand
It is something that is always with me
and I will always remember
and makes me realize how blessed I am in my life
It was quite the experience for a teenager
even though I didn’t appreciate it at the time
I love the idea of giving loans
rather than just giving money
brings about the adage
“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day,
Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime”
Ever since reading the books:
by Muhammed Yunus
I have been fascinated by the idea of micro-lending
and how if we all did a little
we could change the world
I then discovered
and all the money you lend goes straight
to the person you are lending it to
You get payments over the term
and can re-lend or take your money out
once it had all been repaid
It is an opportunity for me to help someone else out
peer to peer lending
possibly changing the life of someone and their family
in another country
it makes me happy
and feels good to lend every month
We have been lending since 2008
(wow 5 years now!!)
and made 74 loans!!
For a limited time
you can lend $25 to someone for FREE!!
So why not give Kiva a try
It costs you nothing
(to try it out)
and you may just help change a life
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