Lifetime 10′ Swing set for bigger kids

Lifetime® 10' Metal Swing Set - Do It Yourself
Our daughter has Autism
She LOVES to swing
We had an awesome 
Little Tikes Swing Set
That we ADORED
when the two oldest were little
for MANY years
It was a well loved set!
She was getting to big for that one though
so we gave it to my brother and sister in law
for their little kids to enjoy
(and they are still loving it! It is great quality, and will last a long time)

So we graduated to a wooden swing set
with monkey bars, slide, and clubhouse
after 2 years
she was just too hard on it
She loves to swing
She managed to break one of the wooden
swing bars

My husband was fixing it
but it took about a week to do
(he still had to work!)
and that was a very difficult week
when she did not have her swing!

We quickly realized
that she is getting too big for the wooden swing set as well
and that she still really NEEDS a swing

our options were basically
industrial/commercial size sets
They are EXPENSIVE, big
(We do NOT have a large yard)
and have to be cemented into the ground

we knew it was a need
and decided to get one
However, when looking around for one
we found this
LifeTime 10′ swing set
The reviews for it were great
and it was MUCH more affordable for us,
a better size for our yard,
and didn’t need cemented into the ground!

We thought we would give it a try
It was worth it to see if it would work out!

We get it within a week
Then we realized that some pieces were missing
so we contacted the company
and they sent the right pieces to us
and we had it by the next week

My husband was able to put most of it together in an hour or 2
but then we had to call his brothers to set it up
it is HUGE
and you will need some help setting it up right
but once it was upright
it was done!

We have had it over half a year now
and we love it!
She can swing HIGH and hard
(seriously, people ask us how she manages to swing so freaking high, even at the playground, no one can get as high as she can.. practice I guess!)
and we have no problems
It did jump from the ground at first
but I think it has settled now
and we don’t have that problem

We still have the wooden swing set
for the little kids
(since this one is too big for them!)
and we even added a tire swing to it ­čÖé
Which all the kids love!

So if you have an older kid that loves to swing
seriously check this swing set out!
Free shipping from amazon even!

If we can’t find my daughter
she is almost always to be found on the swing set
as soon as she is home from school
she is out there swinging
after coming home from just about anywhere
she is on her swingset!

It was worth EVERY penny
and if you have a child with Autism
it really is a NEED!

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  1. Carrie Piha says:

    I just was searching for a swing set for my 14 year old daughter who officially broke our wooden swing set after years of constant swinging and stumble upon your site. We even had someone come out and reinforce it to give it a few extra years. Her elementary school asked her to stop swinging so high as it made them nervous. So as you can see I saw many similarities when reading this page and well, found it comforting. She “needs” her swing especially after a long day at school and swings everyday even in the middle of cold Indiana winters. She told us “don’t worry” Santa will make a swing for me and now we’re trying to find one that will stand up to daily use. The one you mentioned was one we were looking into. Hope it has been good for you. Just wanted to send a few words because our daughters love of swinging was so similar.

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