Mom Win

Last night
was a busy night

After dinner,
my husband took the 3 older kids on a bike ride
and I took the baby with me
to a youth group meeting
Then we had to switch kids
and I took all of them
while he had a church meeting to attend
So on the way home
I stopped by Fred Meyer
(thank goodness it is summer, because it was 8:30 at night – way too late to be out on a school night!)
We also picked up a dozen assorted donuts
leftover from the day
on the cheap
Since I don’t let the kids get donuts often
they were thrilled
 they had chocolate milk on clearance
(doesn’t expire until the 4th of July though!)
Which is a RARE treat around here
(we don’t buy milk often due to allergies)
Then I let they boys look at the toys
(we picked up a few clearance Lego sets, so my husband was happy!)
and the clothes were right next to the toys
so my daughter was in heaven
Since it was late,
the store was pretty empty
Let’s just say,
the kids thought it was the greatest thing ever
to go get donuts
and chocolate milk
AND look at toys/clothes
that late in the evening
I think that qualifies me for mom of the year 🙂
Plus it was less than $5
for the dozen donuts and the gallon of chocolate milk
Double win!
(the donuts were really good too!)
The small things in life 🙂
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