Crockpot ranch pork chops

This was a new recipe for us
and it will for sure be in our recipe line up from now on
It was quick, easy,
ONLY 3 ingredients,
and most importantly
DELICIOUS!We were at Costco
and we had a $5 off meat coupon
and the Boneless Pork sirloin
looked good at $1.69lb (before coupon!)
So we pick it up
I will have a couple more Pork Chop type recipes
later this week
as we eat up this meat 🙂

I thought that they were going to be sliced into chops
Just several large sirloins
Which is fine
I just sliced them 🙂

I don’t know about you,
but whenever I cook boneless pork,
in my slow cooker,
it always just shreds
Which is not a bad thing mind you!
I tend to prefer it shredded in the yummy juices!
Just something I’ve noticed
Maybe it is just when I cook it?
(as you can see in the picture below, the pork just shredded)

This recipe was yummy!
Do yourself a favor
and make mashed potatoes to go with it
because the gravy that the pork cooks in is scrumptious
and tastes divine on the potatoes
You can thank me later for that one 🙂

I thought it would taste like Ranch
I was surprised
that I didn’t really taste the ranch at all
which is fine
because it turned out delicious regardless 🙂




  • Pork – 4-6 chops, or I used 2 boneless sirloins that I sliced into 8 smaller chops
  • 1 can condensed cream of chicken soup
  • 1 package dry ranch dressing mix
  • 1 can of water (use cream of chicken soup can)




Mix ranch, soup, and water together – add in pork. Seriously, doesn’t get any easier!  Cook in Crockpot 4-6 hours on high and 8-10 hours on low.


Seriously, serve with some Mashed Potatoes (you can see a bit of mine in the picture below)… It is soooo good with the gravy (I could have made a meal of the potatoes and gravy!)


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