Kids say

Having a 2 year old is always an adventure
Our two year old
was just full of good stuff today!

I want food, so I can make poop!
That seriously stopped me in my tracks
when he said that!
I turned to my Husband,
“Did he just say that?”
I guess with Potty training,
He is very aware of how all that works now 😛
In his prayer before bed tonight
“Thank thee for Marshmallows”
That kid does like his Marshmallows!
so I guess it is good to be grateful for them?! 🙂
He is such entertainment around here!
Not to mention
a few days ago,
He comes running in my room,
while I am feeding the baby
before bed
and says:
“I need to practice my song!!”
Cue him drumming his little drum
and singing 
“There’s a Zombie on your Lawn!”
Did I mention he was completely naked?
Why was he naked?
I don’t know…
I was feeding the baby remember?

I blame that on my Husband… 🙂
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