Wireless Hard Drive with Built in Wifi

I was talking to my sister-in-law
because they are headed out on a long road trip
and she said they needed to load all their different tablets/phones
with movies for the kids
(they have 6 kids!)
I told them about the solution we had
to keep from having to load movies on ALL our different

This is a pretty new hard drive
on the market
(we pre-ordered it before it was released!)
and it is awesome

I thought I would share this great product
with all of you that are going to be going on trips
this summer!

We love it for all the travelling we do
and even use it around the house
as a multimedia source!
It has a 10 hour battery
and up to 8 devices can hook up to it!

It creates its own wifi network
so all your devices can connect up to it
and stream videos straight off the hard drive
so you don’t need 4G or a wifi hot spot
and you will have access to all your movies, photos, etc.
without loading them onto all your different devices
and taking up all your valuable internal storage
on your phones/tablets

Just download the app to access the hard drive
Turn on the hard drive on in your car or on the plane
and your kids can all stream and watch
DIFFERENT things off the hard drive
and it makes for a much happier
and quieter drive/travel
and if you are stuck in a car or on a plane with kids
for 12 hours
that peace is worth EVERY penny

In this world of phones/tablets/laptops
this hard drive is quickly becoming essential!
As well as it works for travel,
it will work as well at your home
for accessing movies,
or for backing up all your photos,
or just for accessing work/folders/programs
from all the different computers and devices in your home!
(we use it often for this!)

The customer service at Seagate is fantastic as well
Our power cord got bent
and my husband couldn’t find one that would fit at the store
He called customer service
and they sent us a new cord,
FREE of charge
Great Customer Service is worth so much!!

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