Multnomah Falls

I have lived in Oregon

the majority of my life
and I have driven by 
Multnomah Falls
probably 100 or more times
(we’ve had family living in Pasco, Pendelton, and Hermiston)
and we have never stopped

We haven’t purposefully never stopped
For some reason
my family never stopped
when we traveled out there
and then since having kids,
They are always asleep at that portion
of the trip
and we NEVER wake them
if they are asleep!
Let them sleep as LONG as possible!
(the falls is easily visible from the freeway)
this last weekend
we rectified the fact that we never have stopped!
We got there around noon
and it was CRAZY trying to find parking spot
It was a weekday
but I guess it is still summer!
we just had to go to the other side
and found someone pulling out
I think it was the time of day
because it was not nearly as full
when we were leaving
After getting the kids out of the car
and the baby into his carrier
We walk under the freeway
and along the little creek
to get to the falls
The Falls and bridge
are beautiful!
Two of the reasons I love Oregon so much
Green and lots of water!
We took some pictures at the bottom
and then walked the short hike up to the bridge
It is only a .2 mile uphill hike
not too bad
We did it in flip flops and
the 3 year old did it without wanting held or carried!
I even went on the bridge
I have a terrible fear of bridges
but this bridge wasn’t too bad
especially when you look at the waterfall
from the bridge
there is land there,
so I doesn’t seem so high up
I would have loved to do the longer hike to the top
but 4 kids
including a 3 year old and 5 month old
and we were all wearing flip flops
that wasn’t happening!
Plus we had a wedding to get to 🙂
I would love to eat at the restaurant on another trip
(we ate before we got there)
the bathrooms are nice
and the gift shop is always one of my kids favorite stops
There is also a little forestry center
educational place to go through
I think we were only there about an hour or so
but I am glad we stopped
and maybe next time we can plan on lunch
or even a longer hike?
If you want to see more waterfalls in Oregon
and one of the most beautiful places on this earth
I HIGHLY recommend
Silver Creek Falls near Salem
It is one of my favorite places in this world
and absolutely gorgeous there 🙂 

Boys playing on a tree along the path

Family shot on the bridge… we are all mostly looking at the camera 😛

Horribly overexposed selfie – but this is what it looks like from the bridge looking at the falls – there is extra land there, so it doesn’t seem so high up!
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