Quick bathroom mirror remodel

Quick bathroom mirror remodel
We managed to finish one of the projects that we were doing around our home this Saturday, even though we didn’t get home from our trip until mid-afternoon on Saturday! It luckily went fairly quickly!

I had seen a picture of something similar on pinterest and I really wanted to do it. I wanted to give the mirror a more “finished” look and I was not a fan of our lighting in there!
We started with our master bathroom, since I found a light fixture I loved on sale at Home Depot for $60! Not bad when all the other ones I was seeing was $100+


We bought an 8 foot section of fancy molding for the top of the mirror, that matches all the molding around the doors and windows in our house – we wanted it to look the same and we lucked out that Home Depot carries the same molding 🙂


We also bought 2 8 foot flat, plain moldings to go around the side and top of the mirror. We had to put some around the top, to go under the fancy molding, to get the molding high enough to reach the light fixture, so the light fixture would sit on the fancy molding (and would hide all the wires, etc!)


First part was easy. We cut the two side pieces and put them up along the mirror edge. We thought we would just use liquid nails and put the molding up on the wall – that is what we did to put up our baseboards after we ripped up our carpet and put in hardwood floors. Yeah…. that works along the ground, but we had gravity working against us! So we ended up having to put a small nail in the molding to hold them up. We will then just put putty over the top of the nail and painted it.


We then put the flat, plain board up on the top. We had to hold it up and mark where the mirror clips were. My husband then drilled/cut out notches in the back of the board, to slide over the mirror clips, hiding them from view. Again used a little liquid nails and a nail on each end. We officially had a frame! and ugly mirror clips now hidden!


Then we cut the top, fancy board to size. My husband used a miter box, to get the fancy 45 degree angles on it, so it would look like the molding around the doors and windows of our house. NICE! He then used a hole saw bit in the drill and cut a hole where the light fixture wires needed to go through. Then we used the same two nails, one on each end and some liquid nails to put the board up!


Then my husband wired up the light fixture and screwed it into place. We had to make some additional notches in the molding, for the light fixture to set into place and not wiggle (since the board is not flat, but has a pattern). Once wired, we screwed it securely onto the wall/molding, put on the glass fixtures, and added light bulbs!


Done! We just need to paint the molding now (they came white, but it needs another coat of white on top) We’ll get to that soon….. hopefully!  Probably do it after we finish the other bathrooms, and do all the painting at once 🙂


Now to do the OTHER 2 Bathroom mirrors! I REALLY like the way it turned out. It looks nice and finished, other than just same lame lighting and mirror 😛


FYI – the first picture was taken in the evening, before we left for our trip and the finished picture was late afternoon… that is why there is a lighting difference 🙂
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