Solar Panels Installed

Look at what got installed today!
The crews arrived at 8:30
They were nice, courteous
and very professional
They set right to work
They placed “caution” tape all the way around the house/work area
They told us everything they were going to do
and then just needed in the garage
to put in the inverter. 
So we just went about our day
and they did all the work
At about noon
they came to the door
explained how it all worked
and what we needed to do
and they were DONE!
It was surprised it went so QUICKLY!
They cleaned up everything they brought
cleaned up any mess they made – 
even going through our yard to be sure all screws were picked up
and they were off!
This process has gone so smoothly!
I just got a call
to schedule the city inspection
which will hopefully happen on Monday
Then it is just waiting for Pacific Power
to come change out our meter
and we can turn them on!
I can’t wait!
Here’s to lower energy costs
and feeling good about using
clean, renewable energy!
(plus a nice tax deduction!)

If you are interested in Solar Panels, and clean, renewable energy at a lower cost than your power company at $0 out of your pocket, contact Solar City for your Free Consultation!

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