Bathroom mirror easy remodel part 2 & 3

Bathroom mirror easy remodel

We finished our other 2 bathrooms last weekend. The Picture above was done VERY similar to our first bathroom project that we did (see that post here), only smaller 🙂 We framed the sides and along the top with the flat molding. For the mirror clips at the top, we just held the molding up, marked where they were on the molding, and then used a box knife to carve out space for the clips. The molding then just slides on over the clips 🙂

We then added the fancier molding along the top of the mirror, which my husband had cut the edges at a 45 degree angle to make it match the molding around the doors and windows in the rest of our house. He also had to cut a hole in the molding, using a hole saw, to put the lighting wires, through. After attaching the molding to the wall (with liquid nails and nails), he wired and attached the light fixture. Then just a coat of white paint and we were done

Bathroom mirror easy remodelThe last bathroom, the picture on the right, was the easiest. The light was much higher up on the wall in this bathroom, so we did it slightly different because of that. For this bathroom, we just put the flat molding on the sides, not the top, and just did the fancier molding along the top of the mirror, again marking where the mirror clips were, carving them out with a box knife. We didn’t have to make any holes or place to the light fixture to sit in the molding in this bathroom. So this was the easiest of all the bathrooms! After attaching the new molding, we then just switched out light fixtures and done!

We love the change and the look of the bathrooms! It was pretty easy and made an dramatic effect. Plus is wasn’t too expensive – about $120 for ALL 3 bathrooms, most of the money going towards light fixtures!

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