Bunny Origami towel

I made these bunny origami towels
as a gift for the Young Women in my ward at church
These are cute, fun and a really easy gift!
We added 2 little bottles of Bath and Body works
lotion and face wash
into the circle in the back of the washcloth bunny
Added some sunglasses and a little umbrella
to dress it up!
The nose is just a little piece of pink foam craft sheet
cut into a triangle with a little piece of tape on the back
to secure it to the washcloth

Take your Washcloth and start rolling it up from one corner to another. 
Should look about like this when all rolled up
Fold the washcloth in half, so it looks like a “U” shape
Pick up the washcloth and fold it in half the other way. Place a rubberband over the folded end, right where my thumb is in this picture
Set the washcloth up, separate the “ears” and you’re done. Add some sunglasses and a triangle for the nose. There is a small circle in the back, where you could add a small gift, like a lotion, etc. Whatever you want! You could even add a little pom-pom to the back for a “tail” on the bunny!
Cute, fun, easy gift!
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