Homemade mod podge

I was at an activity last night
and they used Mod Podge
and I realized I never did my post on
Homemade Mod Podge
that works just as well as the stuff you buy
at 90% of the cost!

This works GREAT!
and considering it cost me about $.10
and the bottle of the Mod Podge is like $8
I am pretty happy with it!
I’ve used it for lots of different projects
including my Birthday Board
works fantastic and never had any issues
I stock up on Glue
at back to school sales
for like $.20 a bottle
So I have plenty of CHEAP glue around
It is extremely simple too –
Just use a 50/50 ratio
of Glue to Water
That’s it!
That simple!
I always seem to half a bottle of glue laying around
from the kids different projects
so I just take half the bottle
add water and shake!
If you only have a full bottle
empty as much as you want into a clean jar
(or something you can put a lid on)
add as much water as glue
and shake!
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