Divergent Series

I finished the entire Divergent series this last week
I am a fan of the Hunger Games, Tiger’s Curse, Rick Riordan, Harry Potter, etc –
YA fiction
(so there aren’t as many questionable scenes, or bad language)

I bought this book awhile ago
and put it on the shelf
since I realized that there was going to be a 3rd book
and I didn’t want to wait around for it to come out
so I waited to read the series
until all the book were out
I really enjoyed the first book
The second was just as enjoyable
The third…
I am not a big fan of the third
I still enjoyed it
but I REALLY disliked the way it ended
Should have just stopped at book 2

I loved Tris and Four
I want to read the other short stories
from Four’s perspective
(but I am too cheap to buy them, so I need to find a free version)

I did enjoy the series overall however,
and would recommend it to others to read
even with the disappointing ending
I read all 3 books in 5 days
no easy feat around here!
I am excited to see the movies
However this is one book series where I won’t mind
if they change the ending 😉
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