Quiet Life of a Stay at Home Mom

What did I do today you ask?
I am a stay at home mom,
so it must be all bon-bons and Soap Operas right?

I woke up to my 3 year old having gotten into bed with us
Just how I wanted to start my day 😛
Brush teeth and Shower
Strip the bed and start the washing machine
Throw 3 year old in the shower
Make older kids lunches for school
Yell  Tell older kids to get dressed/showered
and eat their breakfast
3 year old doesn’t want to get out of shower
When he does get out
He wants Daddy to turn off the shower
Daddy is gone to take sister to band and go to work
He cries and throws a fit
and then Poops in the floor…
Oh I am not kidding on that!
It was like having another dog in the house
Toss him back in the shower to clean up
Clean up his mess
Feed and change the baby
3 year old then refuses to get dressed
wants to stay naked in his towel
Have to take 8 year old to his early Choir class
So get the baby and 8 year old into the car
and threaten to leave 3 year old,
so he will finally cooperate and get dressed
It works
Drop 8 year old off at school
Go to grocery store
to finally get our groceries for the week
Don’t notice that 3 year old is watching a video on my phone over my Data
and get a text that I am nearing my Data limit for the month
Get Gas in the van
Go to Target with 2 little boys
to get the 10 year old new shoes
because she was FREAKING out this morning
her shoes were falling apart
(she is HARD on shoes)
Of course,
she didn’t say ANYTHING about it
when we were AT Target together
Go to the Award store
to drop something off for church
Go to the Post Office
to mail a package for Christmas
(Yes I am early!)
That went surprisingly fast and smooth!
I later find out from a friend that was there and almost hit
that a car drove into the post office
(brake/gas petal confusion)
mere minutes after we were there!
Now the Post Office is closed….
(guess it was good I got that package off early!!)
Come home
and call the car repair shop to make an appointment for our van
that JUST hit 100,000 miles
(we bought it new 8.5 years ago – never had to do anything to it other than new tires and oil changes)
to get some maintenance
New timing belt and water pump are NOT cheap 😛
but better than waiting for it to break (which would be MORE $$)
Merry Christmas to me 😛 
Then another phone call to complete a food order
Then put away perishable groceries
Don’t even have time for the rest
Put the baby down to
Swap laundry and start a new load
Somehow he found a pen and now has pen all over his face
Feed the baby
Oh yeah, I haven’t eaten anything yet today
Then take the baby to the Doctor
in the next town
to get a follow-up immunization
Then to the craft store there
to get something for an activity for my daughter
Back home
Swap some more laundry
and if you’ve ever had a baby get shots
you know they want cuddled and loved all day afterward…
3 year old had fallen asleep on the way home from the Dr/craft store
but had to wake him up to pick up the kids from school
He was WET, AGAIN!
He has had like 2 accidents since he started potty training
and 2 in one day 😛

I hurry and get him cleaned up
and new clothes
and head out the door just in time to
pick up the older kids from school and
Have a Parent Teacher Conference with one Teacher

(the other one is next week)
with all 4 kids in tow
Homework, piano and flute practice
3 year old wants a snack
Oh Crap!
I forgot dinner
I should have thrown something in the crockpot
Too late now
“Brinner” it is!
(breakfast for dinner)
The kids favorite dinner anyway
They were happy 🙂
Read book to the kids –
I read YA books with my older kids
Bathe kids
Finally put away the rest of the groceries
Put last of Laundry into the dryer…
Oh wait…
There is more now with his accident earlier 😛
Guess I’ll do yet another load
Make my bed with clean sheets
Start the endless
war with my boys
My daughter is the only sane one in our family –
she goes to bed when tired and on time!
Imagine that?!?! Crazy….
Maybe I’ll get on the treadmill
while I wait for them to FINALLY go to sleep?!?!
They finally go to bed at 10:30
Finally some quiet time!
but too tired to do anything like read….
The lazy life of a stay at home mom
Now to do it all again tomorrow
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