Upside down pizza – re-invent the way to assemble a pizza

We saw someone
(I think it was a tv show)
make a pizza “upside down”
and it completely changed the way we make pizzas!

My biggest complaint when eating pizza
is when you take a bite
and all the topping come sliding off the pizza
By making the pizza upside down
you don’t have that problem!
The cheese sticks to the bread
and doesn’t slide around on the sauce
because the sauce is on top!
Plus, the sauce condenses
and because delicious
and I am not a big sauce fan
so I especially prefer it this way
because I think the sauce tastes way better
So give it a try next time you make your pizza
and see if you become converted to our
“Upside down” way of making a pizza
The only way I make homemade pizza’s now!
  • My 5 Minute Pizza Dough recipe
  • Favorite pizza toppings – on this pizza: leftover Kielbasa and red onion 
  • Cheese – Just mozzarella this time. Use your favorite cheeses for pizza. I use different mixes of cheese each time
  • Favorite pizza sauce. I personally just take an 8 oz can of tomato sauce, add in garlic (LOTS of garlic!) and some Italian seasoning 
  • Cornmeal (optional)

Heat oven to 425. I put my pizza stone in the oven to heat up. Once the pizza stone is heated, I put some cornmeal on the hot stone (optional) and then spread my dough onto the stone. Once the dough is spread, I spread the cheese on the dough. Then I put the toppings on top of the cheese. Then top it all off with my pizza sauce (the red spots you see on top of the pizza). Bake about 15-20 minutes. 
Enjoy. This is seriously my favorite way to make/eat a pizza and really enjoy the way the sauce turns out on it! I am wishing we had leftovers from last night about now 😛

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