Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark

We’ve been spending this Christmas break
doing lots of different things as a family
One thing we did was head back to Evergreen Wings and Waves waterpark

We went last year,
for my daughters birthday
and then we saw that they were running a special
for the afternoons during Christmas break
I was pregnant last time
and couldn’t ride on the waterslides
So I made up for that this time!
I was surprised that it wasn’t crazy busy
with the holiday break and all
it was very manageable
and not too busy at all
In fact,
the last 2-3 hours were just no lines for the waterslides!
Our 3 year old and 9 month old
really enjoyed the wave pool,
the little kid slide/water jet area,
and the big play structure with 3 waterslides
and the dump bucket
We even convinced out 3 year old to go down one of the waterslides
by himself!
The Big waterslides were lots of fun
They were all very smooth
and a fun ride
Of course,
the Green “toilet bowl”
slide was everyone’s favorite
I even got to go on it with my husband
while my sister in law watched the little ones
(There was no line, so it was quick)
The slides are huge and long
you have to walk up like 111 steps to get to the slides
It is a long way up there!
Especially on your 10th time going up there!
I have to say I was NOT a big fan
of the Mach 1 slide
The only one where you do not use an innertube
and man,
it hurt my back!
I only did that slide once 😛
But it is a great time
We really enjoyed just going for the afternoon
(it was a $15 special for 3:00 to close)
It was just the right amount of time for the kids
(last time, we were there for about 8+hours!)
and it is not as busy in the late afternoon
We will be heading back here
when they do a special like this again
it is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to go!
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