Fancy Smancy

Fred Meyer had a coupon yesterday
for $10 off a $20 Roast
So I had my husband go pick up a fancy Roast
which we would normally never spend that kind of money on
but 50% off Roast is a GREAT deal in my book
I am used to making Roast
But I have never prepared such a nice/expensive/fancy Roast before
I am kind of excited
(I am odd, I know!)
I am anxious to see how it turns out!
It is a fairly large roast for our family
(around 6lbs)
so we plan to make it for dinner tonight
and then eat on it all weekend long 🙂
Leftovers and no cooking!
Fingers crossed it turns out well!
I feel so giddy cooking something so fancy and expensive
(even though, thanks to the coupon, it was cheaper than the CHEAP meat!!!)

Maybe I should break out some Sparking Cider to go with it?? 🙂

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