Saving Money: Restaurant Gift Cards

One of my favorite way to save money while eating out?
Buying gift cards at the holiday’s
for the year at a discount!

Many restaurants offer gift cards for 20% off during Christmas
or they offer a “bonus” card for buying during the holiday’s
This a GREAT way to save money while eating out
It is like saving 20% before you even sit down to eat
Then the beauty of using a gift card
is that you can still use any coupons that you have
for that restaurant!
So you save 20% off and then can even use a coupon with your meal!
I know about how much we spend
at all of our favorite restaurants
and how often we go out
So I know about how much to buy for the entire year
and I do so in December
so we can enjoy the 20% discount all year round!
I just went in with e bunch of friends
and ordered Red Robin gift cards
so we could get the straight 20% off
(you had to buy $250 to get the flat 20% off)
instead of getting the “bonus cards”
Our other favorite restaurant
gives you until the end of April to use the bonus cards
and we have 3 birthday’s in that time frame
so no problem there!
We also have a credit card
that gives us 5% back at restaurants in December
so double score on that!
(always pay your cards off every month to make that worth it!!)
There are MANY different methods
different restaurants do for gift cards this time of year
but many places do give a discount
so check and see if your favorite eatery
is doing a gift card promotion
and consider saving yourself some money
on your eating out
by buying gift cards!
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