All Stars Music – Review

Next up on my hotel reviews

is the All-Star Music
at DisneyWorld

We got an advertisement from Disney in the mail
and there was a picture of a piano pool on it
My kids WANTED to stay at the hotel with that pool
So we obliged them when booking our last trip
The sad thing is
As I was searching our pictures
I could not find one picture of the Piano Pool
that we took
must have overlooked taking one 😛

We found it VERY similar to Pop Century
But give higher points to Pop Century for better outside themeing

The Food court,
again like Pop,
is your standard food court fare

I have heard people complain about the buses here
but I actually found them LESS busy that Pop Century
We never had to wait for more than one bus
where at Pop, we often had to wait for a second bus
(possibly due to less scooters being boarded?)
During the busy times,
Each of the All-Stars run their own buses
and since they are smaller than Pop,
there are less people to cram on a bus!
Making them much less busy/full
Sure when it is not as busy
they do share a bus
but I didn’t really find this a problem

The rooms are exactly the same as Pop
We had a room near the lobby
(and did not pay for preferred!)
which was REALLY nice
less walking back to our room at night 🙂

And yes,
My kids got to swim in their Piano pool!
The bigger main “Three Caballeros” pool
was fun too
(it was closer to our room, so we swam there more)

We again checked in quickly
and mousekeeping was excellent
especially since we all got sick on this trip 🙁

Would I choose this hotel or Pop?
I think it depends on what themeing you want
or what pool my kids decide they want for the trip!
I would happily stay at this hotel again
but I did enjoy the overall themeing of Pop Century more
but I think you can’t go wrong with either hotel!

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