Gallagher Girls Series

I just finished reading all 6 of the Gallagher Girls series of books
and I LOVED them

One of my favorite series of all times was
and this kind of reminded me of that
only with high school girls
I enjoy YA books
because for the most part
they are clean
and free of foul language
I found these books fun
and a great read
I could NOT put the last 2 books down!
The books center on the main character, Cammie
She is a 16/17 year old girl
who attends an elite girls’ school for spies
Her mother is the headmistress
and former CIA agent
Her father died
while on assignment with the CIA
There is the typical girl/boy teenage dramatics
as in most teenage girl books
but it focuses alot on her relationship
with her best friends and roomates
who do everything together
The books eventually all tie in together
in one BIG conspiracy/mystery
Which I did not see coming from the first book
so that was a pleasant surprise!
So if you want a fun read
you won’t recreate picking up this series
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