We figured out this weekend
that our 8 year old needed glasses
He was playing and asked me what something said
because he couldn’t see it
I was shocked
Upon further investigation
he said he couldn’t see the board at school either
We got him into the eye doctor the next day
and sure enough he needed glasses
I pick them up first thing in the morning
and took them to him at school
He put them on and declared
“I can SEE!!”
He got home from school raving
“I could see the board”
“Things are so much clearer!”
“When I take the glasses off, my eyes seem worse than they were before?!?!”
That is because you can see clearly now
and when you take them off
you realize how bad your eyes were!
He is THRILLED about them
His sister is jealous – she wants glasses
(she has wanted some for years!)
I makes me feel like a terrible parent
that we didn’t notice this sooner!
Why didn’t he say something earlier?
Why didn’t we notice??
Well, he has them now
and can see again!!
school eye testing is WORTHLESS
they tested him just a few months ago
and said he had perfect vision
I think not
So do not have any confidence in their testing!
Now to go get our other kids eye exams…..
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