Human Tissue

My baby has had a runny nose
for what seems like a month now
He’s gotten used to getting his nose wiped
He runs up to me
and immediately wipes his nose on me
If I need to go out somewhere
and not be covered in snot
I get dressed about 1 minute before I need to leave
I got ready for Zumba
in my black yoga pants
I got in the car
and noticed some on my leg
I thought I had gotten out unscathed! 
Then I realized
That is didn’t really bother me
I dosen’t bug me that much when my kids do it
Do I like it?
Absolutely not
but it is not the end of my world
But if someone else’s child did that to me?
I would FREAK out!
(that commercial, where the kid at the bus stop does that to the stranger standing next to them? FREAKS me out everytime I see it. I would throw the shirt away if some random child did that to me!)
Which I find funny
I guess that is the Love parents have for their kids
They wipe their snot on them
and we still love them
We brush it off
and it doesn’t bother us
Eleven years ago,
I would have NEVER imagined
that having a child wipe their snot on me
wouldn’t bother me
but I guess things change as a parent
All for the better too 🙂
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