To get ready for the Epic Relay
I did my first run since being pregnant with my youngest
(who is now one… so its been about a year in half or more)
I did a very slow 3.5 miles
I have been wokring out since having the baby
Zumba, Jillian Michael’s videos,
Walking on the treadmill (for 60-90 mins a day) at a 10 incline
but man!
I am sore today!!!
I thought I was still in great shape to run
since I am still very active and exercise regularly
but apparently my running muscles are
Time to whip them back into shape
and get my asthmatic lungs back to working
and happy when I run
I will try and take it slowly
and work my way back up
The relay doesn’t seem too difficult 🙂
especially since it is in only 57 days!
I shall just be walking on the treadmill
to walk out some of the soreness from the run yesterday
(perhaps it was maybe too much for my first run in over a year?!?!)
and get back into whipping myself into running shape
tomorrow 🙂
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