Broken Clavicle

Broken Clavicle

Cute boy with Broken Clavicle

So what did you do this weekend??


My weekend included 2 firsts

in my 11+ years of parenting

1st trip to Urgent Care

Our doctor’s office offers care 24/7

so we’ve never had to go to Urgent Care


They do no offer X-ray on the weekend

Of course this had to happen on the weekend πŸ˜›

It is also our first broken bone

Both the urgent care doctor

and the X-Ray tech were shocked –

they thought it may be some sort of record!


So I spent my morning at Urgent Care getting this cute 3 year old

X-ray’s and a sling…

Of course,

Had I known they would have just put it in a sling

I could have saved hundred’s of dollars

and just bought a sling.


I did get to Urgent Care

as soon as they opened on Saturday Morning

So it only took about an hour

for X-ray’s and everything…

Not too bad really!



Clavicle breaks are a very common childhood injury

Now I know!

That area does not harden until you are about 20!

It only takes landing wrong.

3 rough and tumble boys

I guess I should have guessed we’d have a broken bone

sooner or later!


While we were waiting for the Doctor

He was singing

“No more Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed”

VERY appropriate

since he did this falling off my bed.

Messing around…

Meant to land on the couch at the end of my bed.

instead landing badly on the floor

My bed is high,

but not too high..

He just landed wrong.

Poor kid πŸ™

I thought he might just sleep it off.

but when he woke up in the morning,

still in pain,

I knew it had to be more..

He is our klutz

We’ve done emergency teeth visits with him too

(the Dentist was able to save his teeth!! YAY for good dentist!!)


He is also milking it for ALL it is worth

After getting done at the Doctor

Asked to go get Ice Cream

It was 10am…

but I still obliged πŸ™‚

He also got a new Chima Set

and a SkylanderΒ he’d been asking for for quite awhile

His siblings are helping him play

by moving the characters with the nunchuck

and he used the wii remote to push buttons

It is so sweet to see them be nice to him

and try to help him out πŸ™‚

He is starting to get used to using one hand/arm

which is hard since he is right handed and his right hand in in the sling!


Plus his aunts brought him balloons and treats!

I hope he doesn’t get any ideas about future injuries…. πŸ˜‰

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