Catch up

I spent a wonderful weekend

with my family.

My Daughter got a trophy in soccer,

and we spent a wonderful day at the beach

with some picture perfect weather.

(sun, no wind, and no coats required!!)

I love having long weekend to enjoy being together as a family

Simply the best joy!



When the week starts again

on a Tuesday as opposed to Monday

I feel like all I am doing all day is playing catch up

It doesn’t help that,

we spent the morning going to the doctor

to get my son’s clavicle checked out

to be sure it is healing correctly


Then the baby fell asleep on the way home

so I then had to get my workout in

5 miles!

Then finally eat some lunch and feed the little boys

Then it is catching up on work and papers…

I haven’t even gotten to the dishes

and housework that needs done


While I REALLY enjoy a relaxing weekend

and laying on the beach watching my kids play together

It is the catch up the next day

that just kills me!

I think all holiday’s should be on Friday’s

and should I ever become President

one of my first order’s of business it to change all of them to Friday!

Because then I won’t feel like I am playing catch up all week 🙂


Hopefully when my husband get home

I’ll have an extra set of hands to play with the kids

so I can catch up on a few things

(like dishes!)


Oh and look at this picture

While I was writing this post

he decided to go through my wallet


He likes to take all the cards out

and put them back into their slots

At least he leaves it all in one place

(so far!)

catch up

Playing with mommy’s wallet

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