Guest toiletry jar

Guest toiletry jar

Guest toiletry jar

I was this Guest toiletry jar idea on Pinterest

and I simply LOVED the idea.


When I saw the 2 gal Jar on sale at

Or maybe it was Amazon?

Anchor Hocking 2-Gallon Heritage Hill Jar with Glass Lid

(*sigh* I can’t remember – they both have it… just choose which is the best price!)

I had to buy it for this project!

We have a drawer in our bathroom

filled with hotel toiletries

We always take them when we are at a hotel

My kids love the little bottles

We love to collect them,

but never use them…

They were starting to overflow in our drawer!

So when I saw the idea on Pinterest

I thought it would be a way for us to use our collection up

and it looked pretty cool!


I filled the Jar up when it arrived.

It wasn’t big enough to hold all we had..

and it is a HUGE jar!


My kids thought it was pretty cool

Now we just need some guests to use up the toiletries

Although I think my kids may help out in that area…

You put something in a new container

(even though they have been in our bathroom for a long time!)

and all of a sudden it is really cool

and the HAVE to use them!


Can you spot our Mickey Shampoos?

From our stays at Disneyworld 🙂

Those are probably my favorite


Now what should I do with my mostly empty drawer?

I am sure it will be empty as soon as my kids start using some up

and I can put the rest in there…


I know if I went to stay at someone’s house

and they had one of these Guest toiletry jar,

I would be pretty excited to look through it…


Now I am wishing I had bought a few more of those Jars…

They are really cool!

They look great,

Plus it is HUGE!!

I can think of so many different uses for them!

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