Igniting the love of Reading – Zelda Books

I wanted to share with you a very special set of books to my son.
My 8 year old, really didn’t enjoy reading. He thought it was a chore and had a hard time with it. On day, we were at the library and he checked out one of the books from this The Legend of Zelda Box Set. He DEVOURED the Zelda Books. He had never reacted that way to a book before. 

We went back to the Library to get more, but they did not have any more of the Zelda Books. I wanted to keep up with him actually WANTING to read, so I came home and found the The Legend of Zelda Box Set
It was the BEST $40 I have EVER spent. My son has read these Zelda books OVER and OVER again. His second grade teacher noticed a different in his attitude toward reading right away.  Once he had read every one of those books, he read them again and then again. He learned to love reading without us forcing him to. We found something he enjoyed and loved, so he actually wanted to read them.

He now reads all kinds of book – we can never have enough books and he loves a wide variety of series. In fact, this year in 3rd grade, he now has EXTREMELY high reading test scores (like his teacher that has been teaching 30 years rarely sees that high of a score!!) all because we invested the $40 into this Zelda Books set. Like I said best investment EVER. So if your kids are struggling, find a book or a series that they love. That will ignite their love of reading faster than anything you could ever do.

What was the book that started your child (or your own) love of reading??
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