Saving Money at Disney Parks: Discount Disney Parks Tickets

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Discount Disney Parks Tickets - tips for saving money

Discount Disney Parks Tickets

With Disneyland raising their prices overnight, I thought I would give you a run down of how we get the best prices on Discount Disney Parks Tickets when we go. Each Theme Park is a bit different, so I will do discounts that work for both, and then I will split them up.


Discount Disney Parks Tickets suggestions for BOTH parks:

1. #1 tip for buying tickets for either park Рbuy as soon as you plan your trip. Disneyworld Tickets do not expire (until you use them, then you have 14 days) and Disneyland are good only for a calendar year! Avoid price hikes between your vacation planning and your trip by purchasing right away.  We saved $300+ by planning our upcoming trip over a year in advance to Disneyworld, and purchasing our tickets before the price hikes. There have been 3 price hikes since we bought our tickets for our trip late this summer! If buying for Disneyland, purchase early in the SAME calendar year: January РApril, as most price increases happen in May and June.

2. Check and see if your employer offers a discount on tickets. My husband’s employer has a close relationship with Disney (including a VIP room at Disneyworld because they sponsor a ride). Many employers offer some sort of discount ticket program.

3. Military members get AMAZING discounts. I am jealous of some of the great deals they get on admission. If you served or are serving in the military, check out what discounts are available.

4. AAA often has discounts for members. They are not always the best discount, so check around to see if they are the best price or not.

5.¬†RunDisney¬†– when we ran the Disney Races, they offered AMAZING deals on admission tickets to participants and their families. They were better than the prices from my husband’s work! So consider doing a Run Disney Race – you may have to pay for the race, but the savings on admission tickets could make up for the price of the race! (plus then you get to run a race, and get a shirt and medal!)


Discount Disney Parks Tickets for Disneyworld:

1. If you book through Disney, they often have package deals that give generous discounts on Admission tickets

2. Hands down: the BEST place to get discount tickets is Undercover Tourist. They have the best prices and are TRUSTWORTHY!! They are an authorized seller of Theme park tickets and highly recommended. There are many scams out there that seem too good to be true, then they probably are. Stick with Undercover Tourist for great service, and the best prices! They also have great prices on Universal Studios, Sea World, and Legoland!

... the trusted name in attraction tickets

3. Check for up to date discount offers Рif a special on tickets is being run anywhere, will have it listed!


Discount Disney Parks Tickets for Disneyland:

1. Since we live on the West Coast, many grocery stores offer Park Hopper tickets in their Gift Card Malls. Watch for sales when they offer free groceries for buying a certain amount of gift cards, or you can often earn Fuel Rewards for purchasing the tickets.

2. Check for Special Ticket offers. Disneyland is often running promotions, like buy 4 days, get the 5th free or Adults get in at kids prices, etc.

3. Check Costco. Our Costco often offers discount tickets – both CityPass and Disneyland Park Hopper – in store at certain times of the year. They are rarely (or never) online, but you can often find them in the store.

4. We’ve bought from¬†¬†as well. They also offer discounted Character meal vouchers, which is usually how we purchase ours!

5. If you plan on seeing other sites on your vacation, purchasing a CityPass can be very cost-effective!  They are often available at Costco, or on their website.


Saving money on Disney Tickets is the hardest place to save money on your Disney Parks Vacation. You can save on airfare, hotels, cars, food, etc., but the tickets are nearly impossible to get a big discount on. Remember that if you see a deal that is too good to be true – it is! There are many scams and never buy off ebay or craigslist. Disney is cracking down on scams and counterfeits, so but from a REPUTABLE place. You don’t want to spend hundred or thousands of dollars, only to find out you’ve been ripped off.


So you may not save hundreds of dollars, but there are a few ways to save a couple of extra bucks when buying your Disney tickets. Buying ahead of time will not only save you money, but time waiting in line to buy the tickets when you get to the park. Time you could be spending riding Space Mountain (over and over, in my case!)

Did I miss any? How do you get your Discount Disney Parks Tickets?

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