Capital One 360 – HUGE sign up!

Capital One 360 does this twice a year – 4th of July and Black Friday! It is an AMAZING deal and an easy way to make some money.

We’ve had their bank accounts for years! They earn a great interest rate and it is a great place to park your savings. I open a new savings for each different savings that I am wanting, like taxes, health care, new car, vacation, etc. It keeps track of my savings by having the money in separate accounts, but all under one account!

Right now you can get $100 for opening a checking account

$76 for opening a Savings

$25 for opening a kids account

$25 for a Teen account

We have opened Kids accounts for all of our kids! FREE $25 to get them started on their savings!

This is a great way to beef up your savings account with some free money. The accounts do not have any fees – which is the ONLY way I do bank accounts. No fees! I am not going to get charged to have my money sitting in a bank account.

Head over and get your Bonus at Capital One 360 before July 3rd!!

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