Pokemon ball cake

Pokemon ball cake


My sons have really gotten into Pokemon lately. I blame Netflix… and their dad 🙂 Well, for my husband’s 40th birthday, they wanted to make him a Pokemon ball cake, and he was totally on board with that. The best part? It was so easy to make and they thought it was so cool!

Simply make 2 round cakes – only takes one cake mix.

Stack with frosting in the middle like you would any other round cake.

We used my ButterCream Frosting recipe – We had one plain and one chocolate recipe. It would also work with 2 plain recipes.

We simply divided the frosting, leaving half while, and adding red food coloring to the other half to make the top part of the Pokemon Ball. Frost half of the cake white, the other half red. We then used the chocolate frosting, or white frosting with food coloring making it black or chocolate, and made the strip through the middle, with a circle in the center. We then used a bit of the white frosting to add the center of the center circle.

So easy – and the kids thought Pokemon ball cake was great.

Since it was for his 40th birthday, we also had cupcakes, and made a 4 out of them, using the Pokemon Cake as the zero in the 40. A Fun cake that both my kids and husband really liked, and it was REALLY easy to make, so I thought it was great as well!

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