Glass block craft




I am so excited about how this gift turned out! I finally got a spare minute to play with my NEW Silhouette! I wish now I had centered/placed things a bit differently, but oh well! I still like it a lot and can’t wait for my son to give it to his teacher for Christmas! 🙂

It is simple to make as well!

I picked up the glass block when it was on sale for 50% off at Hobby Lobby – $5

Then I had a bunch of Crayola Crayons that I had from Back to School Sales. This block took about 3 Crayola 24 packs of crayons to fill it. I only pay about $.25 a box for the crayons on sales ($.01 when Staples offers them!) – so less than $1

I got the Vinyl included with my Silhouette. I also had some glass etching cream leftover from another project! You could make stickers or buy the letters at the craft store, if you don’t have a craft cutter!

I had my Silhouette cut out the letters and shapes. I used one part of the vinyl for the stencil to etch the glass and then the inside of that vinyl as the white part on the other side of the block.

I then etched the name and shapes on one side of the block (the etching cream only takes about 10 minutes to work) and used just vinyl on the other side of the glass block

Super easy to put together! Just add the crayons to the inside and you’re done! I added some ribbon to the top and tied it into a bow. I picked up the ribbon at the craft store for 60% off and then used a 20% off total purchase coupon, so it only cost about $.30!

Now it is complete, in a gift bag with tissue paper, and ready for my son to gift for his teacher!

Fun, cute, and easy gift!

Plus you can put anything inside the block. Crayons, markers, or pencils look great for teachers, but there are so many options, depending on who you are gifting it too!





Here is the Etching on the other side. It is just harder to see in pictures than the vinyl side!





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