Come unto Christ Vinyl Tumbler Cup, Candy Bar, & Chapstick



I am a bit behind in getting this posted, but I simply loved how the cups turned out so much, I figured, better late than never, right? Plus, it may not be the theme for the Youth this year, but the Theme of “Come unto Christ” is always a good one! Plus, You can use this idea for any wording or design that you’d like!

I picked up 2 dozen Tumbler cups from Dollar Tree and had them delivered to the store for free

Now, this is the most important part – you need to get PERMANENT vinyl – This is easiest bought and found on Amazon. Hobby Lobby/JoAnn’s/Michaels here does not carry it. Permanent vinyl will hold up to washing, etc, but should still only be hand washed! Here is the link for different colored Permanent Vinyl.

We then used this design for the Silhouette – you can use any design or saying you’d like!

Now I can’t take credit for the next part. My wonderful counterpart in YW did it – She used her Silhouette and cut out the design and then transferred it to the cups! Really easy and the girls LOVED the cups. We see them carry them around often. This is just a fun idea and you can use any design or saying that you’d like to personalize a $1 Tumbler cup! Luckily, Cricut’s or Silhouettes are so common now, it isn’t too hard to have a friend that has one for you to use 😉 I actually bought myself a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas – LOVE IT!


Inside the cups, we added these Hershey Chocolate bars. I apparently forgot to take a picture of the front 😛 Oh well – head over here and you can print out your own wrappers – they are ADORABLE!!



I then add these chap sticks inside the Tumbler cup as well. I quickly typed some up labels in Word, with all the Value Colors. I will link a copy of the labels as soon as I can get on the computer that has the file (kids are watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on it right now)

I picked up the Chap-Ice Assorted Lip Balm (Pack of 24) from Amazon – they were less than $.50 a stick!

I used Sticker paper I had bought earlier (also from Amazon), but you could just use paper and tape. It is WAY cheaper to buy this 100 pack of sticker paper, and now I have it for many projects and uses 🙂






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