Hershey Kiss Gift Jar with YW Values



I made these awesome jars as Birthday gifts for the YW in my ward. They would work well as a gift for New Beginnings or YW in Excellence as well!

Plus they are simple to make! Everyone loves chocolate too 🙂 When the Stake Leaders saw what we were giving our girls for Birthday gifts, they all wanted one too – They were like “My Birthday is…..” They have been very popular with everyone so far!

I found the cheapest place to get the Hershey Kisses is on Amazon. Occasionally, you can get it on sale at the grocery store, but overall, Amazon has the best price! (Costco here doesn’t sell them, and the local restaurant supply place is about the same price as Amazon – well a little more – but I would have to go to the store. I love getting a good price from Amazon without leaving my house). The Amazon bag fills approximately 4 pint jars.

Then you need to order/purchase jars – I ordered them from Walmart.com and had my husband pick them up. However, you can also get them from Amazon or here at Amazon or here for another Amazon choice or one last Amazon Choice

I then created the stickers for the Kisses. If you have a Silhouette, Here is a link my file that I used. I used Sticker Paper – I bought 100 sheets on Amazon cheaper than buying 20 sheets, so I have it around for lots of projects now.

You could also just use cardstock/regular paper, a 3/4″ circle punch and use a glue stick to apply to the bottom of the Hershey’s. You can do this with the Silhouette, or you can simply print and use the 3/4″ circle punch to get the little circles.

Here is a link to the 2 different sticker sheets I created: Here and Here  – I created one, and then got a Silhouette and wanted to use that, and rather than adjusting my original file, created an entire new one in the Silhouette program. The first Link is a JPEG, so ANYONE can just print it out and use a  3/4″ circle punch to punch the circles out. The second Link is a Silhouette file, however, it too can just be printed out and use the  3/4″ circle punch to punch the circles out – However,  you will probably need to download the Silhouette free software to open it.  No machine needed for either file!

Here is a link to the lids. I used Sticker Paper, but regular paper can be used as well.

Then simply add the stickers or glue the paper to the bottom of your Hershey’s kisses. Pour them into the jar, add the lid, and then I added some ribbon that I got 70% off at JoAnn’s, around the lid of the jars, to finish them off.




Now, to personalize each jar. I decided to etch each girls’ name into the jar. I just wanted to give the gifts another personalized touch. This is totally optional step to the jars. I did this step BEFORE filling the jars with the Hershey Kisses.

We used the Silhouette and some vinyl to create stencils with each of the girls names. We then applied the stencils to the jars, and used etching cream. The Etching Cream only takes about 10 minutes. Then simply wipe off the cream and gently wash off the residue. A little etching cream goes a LONG way – so you don’t need much cream for this project (so I have lots of cream left for other projects!)

Really EASY to do!! If you don’t have a Silhouette or Cricut, you could always freehand the etching with a paint brush and the etching cream.

The jars will be super cute and VERY popular with or without the etching! 🙂




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