AVG Virus Protection


With my husband in the technology field, he is asked on a fairly regular basis by friends, family, and acquaintances about computers.  One of the number one questions is about their computers not working well/correctly/crashing constantly.

The first question he always asks them is “Do you have a virus scanner?”

Surprisingly, the answer is almost always “No”

If you have a computer connected to the internet – you NEED a virus scanner. Preferably a scanner that scans your computer automatically on a regular schedule. Seriously, there is no excuse not to have one and you risk everything on your computer by not having one.

When people tell him that they don’t have one, he tells them to immediately go out and Download AVG AntiVirus Free 2014! Get it now! It is FREE!! It works!!! Seriously, there is no excuse when there are free alternatives out there.

Most of the time, when they download the AVG AntiVirus Free and run it on their computers, they find several viruses. Once they are gone from the computer, they run much better!

We’ve been using the AVG’S AWARD-WINNING PROTECTION FOR FREE for years now – it has always done a wonderful job of protecting our computer. We tell our kids CONSTANTLY not to click on pop-ups, ads, etc. However, it still happens and we still get viruses – but our wonderful AVG AntiVirus has always caught it before it goes to anything to our computer. In fact, JUST yesterday, we had it pop-up on out computer telling us of a suspicious file that was trying to install on our computer. I immediately told the program to get rid of it, and like that – it was gone and never had a chance to wreak havoc on our computer!

Speaking of kids – we love their AVG Family Safety: you know your children are safe online. It helps protect them against online predators, blocks inappropriate content, and sends you alerts if there is a problem.  It is so important to keep kids safe on the internet. I LOVE that they are helping me do that, when I can’t hover over them constantly.

We also have a need for a little more protection on business computers and now that our kids use the computers more, we decided it was time to pay for the protection. Not only does AVG offer their AntiVirus Free, they offer other services that will protect your computer and family even more! Plus their prices are better than the competition. Since we have loved their free service so much, and I admire the fact that they offer their services for free, we decided to stick with them, and support their business with the upgraded services. Not only are they better than the competition, their prices are better too. We are AVG customers for life around here!

If you are looking for more upgraded services, here are some deals you may want to look into – because we all know I LOVE getting a deal!

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Protect your computer and family today! Choose the best protection – you can’t beat the AVG Free direct download to try out! Or go for their complete protection with the AVG Internet Security & AVG AntiVirus

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