Real Life


Sometimes, you see things on Pinterest or Facebook and you just have to laugh out loud. This post made me laugh so hard, because it is oh so true here.

The bad thing about the bathroom, now that my husband works from home, he even comes and finds me! Seriously? Can’t I have any peace? As soon as I go in, I ALWAYS hear “Mom! Mom!” or there is a knocking on the door – even if they have ignored me for the entire day. Or if you are waiting for someone to stop by your house or waiting for that phone call – they ALWAYS finally come or call as you go into the bathroom. Without fail. Seriously, how is that even possible? Once, I had been waiting ALL day for results from my biopsy (talk about anxiety!). When did they call with the results. Yep – you guessed it!

When I need to make a phone call, I put on a video for my youngest, make sure he has a drink and snack, before I even consider dialing the number. Now that still doesn’t always work. Somehow they know you are trying to talk. This is why I rarely call anyone. Text or email works much better.

As soon as I sit on the couch, “Mom, I need help with …..” “Mom, I can’t find……” “Mom, he hit/licked/is bugging/breathing/looking me” “Mom, I dumped juice all over the kitchen” “Mom, is the water from the sink supposed to be all over the floor?”

My kids have a sixth sense when it comes to candy. I reach into the candy cupboard and my daughter walks in like one minute later and asks “What are you eating?” Well, where have you been the last hour that I have been telling you to empty the dang dishwasher? Apparently, I just need to get out a little chocolate, and they can magically hear that opening from anywhere in the house…..

Yes, that post was way too much like my real life. Sometimes I think someone must have camera’s in my house watching us…..

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