The BEST Bathroom Cleaner


I’d seen this bathroom cleaner on many, many websites and on Pinterest. Well, with many Pinterest “magical” solutions, I was skeptical. I mean, just vinegar and soap – will that really work that well?

The answer: YES! It is seriously amazing!

I don’t think I’ll ever purchase commercial or chemical cleaners again. Not only does this homemade cleaner work BETTER, but the results last LONGER! Which means – less cleaning! YAY! You know I dislike cleaning, so anytime I can clean less, but still have a sparkling clean bathroom, I am a happy girl!! Plus there is NO scrubbing. Less cleaning and less elbow grease. Yeah, I am sticking with this stuff.

Plus it is CHEAP and easy to make. Much cheaper than store-bought cleaners.

The solution is simple – Use an even ratio of vinegar to dishwashing soap. That’s it.

Now, EVERY site I see this on, tells you to use Dawn dishwashing soap. I don’t know if Dawn is that much better, or they just have a really good PR going on. I used Dawn, because I had picked up a large container of it at Costco on sale (I then fill smaller bottles from the GIANT bottle – easier to use/carry around). However, my guess is that any Dishwashing soap would work. I mean, there can’t be that big of a difference, right? I have only used Dawn so far, but I would use another brand, if that is what I had.

I also pick up the giant bottles of vinegar at Costco for cleaning. You get 2 of those big jugs (pictured above) for like $3-4 – yeah, pretty inexpensive! Those bottles will last you a long time.

Pick up an empty spray bottle at the dollar store or someplace like that. Mix the same amount of vinegar and soap in the bottle. Some sites say to heat the vinegar. I did that once, and then found it worked just as well at room temperature, so I decided to save myself a step from now on. Simply shake the bottle to mix and you’re ready to go.

I spray my shower and baths down. I then just let it sit an hour or two (sometimes longer… I often forget!) and let it work its magic without scrubbing. The smell can be strong. So you may want to open a window. I then simply wash down the shower or tub with hot water. I also use it on my sinks and faucets!

The first time (maybe the second too), I did scrub a little bit. So if your tubs/showers are bad, you might give it a little scrub with the cleaner before you let it sit. Now, since I have been using this all the time, I don’t need to scrub. The picture above is taken in my shower – it is so bright white 🙂 Love it!

My showers and baths stay cleaner in between cleanings now. The shower doesn’t even look likes it needs to be cleaned when I go in to clean it the next time. It just stays cleaner longer with using this cleaner.

This is, for sure, a Pinterest win! I am so pleased with this cleaner. I really does work well, is cheap, easy, keeps it cleaner longer, and NO scrubbing! All wins in my mind!

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