Handmade Nativity

Handmade Nativity

I told you in my post about the felt nativity I made, that I have a great love for Nativity Sets of all kinds and from all over the world. Well, my Christmas gift this year, is my new favorite set!

I was browsing Pinterest one day and saw these crocheted Nativity sets. I fell in love – they were adorable! I do not know how to crochet (well, I know the basic stitches, but I pretty much suck since I never practice!), but I have a friend that always is making beautiful crochet stuff. On a whim, I sent her a picture on Pinterest and told her if she ever decided to make one, I’d totally buy it from her. This is totally out of character for me, because I am naturally very shy, and I never like to ask people for anything or ask if they could make/do something (I don’t like to take their time, put them on the spot, etc. Especially when they are a mom with 4 small kids!)…. I am however, blessed with many, many talented friends and family…. Well a little while later, she created the entire nativity (see pictures). Seriously, how freaking cool is that?!?!

It is AMAZING. She is seriously talented! I love it when people have such a talent that they can just make and create things. My kids are in love with it, and so am I. It may become a year-round decoration on our piano, because it is too awesome to pack away. When we get out all of our Christmas stuff next week, I think we will be moving it to our big dining room table, as the centerpiece this year! (our grand piano turns into a Christmas village!).

I love handmade gifts. They truly become family treasures like nothing mass made in a store can. I love supporting local businesses and people. While I love my Amazon and Target, nothing compares to a handmade, with love, gift. It is just something that does not come from a big box store that was shipped from China. (BTW, I have never been in the Walmart in my town.. Seriously, never stepped foot in it….). You support local families and know that your purchases actually go to supporting those people/families and their talent/art.

This will become a cherished family heirloom here in our house to be enjoyed for many, many years to come!

If you’d like your own set, head on over to her Etsy shop and check our her mad skills! If you can’t afford it all at once, you can start with the basic set, and add on more later!

And while you’re at it, “like” her facebook page and see all the amazing stuff she comes up with. Seriously talented!


Handmade Nativity

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