Felt Christmas Tree

Felt Christmas Tree

I have been wanting to do this craft for a while. I have been waiting on my husband to cut the tree out of the felt…. So it took longer than expected. I was afraid to freehand it, so I left it up to him. I mean, he is a published (in a book! that is for sale that you can physically buy and read through) artist, and I can barely do stick figures. Well, he FINALLY cut it out on Sunday, while I was napping.

So for Family Home Evening, we cut out ornaments for the tree. They are not the “perfect” ornaments you see on Pinterest, but they are lovingly made by our kids. The best thing about these trees, they can re-arrange and do what they want to the tree, no harm done! Plus it is simple to make new ornaments for the tree! I was also cheap and easy, which are essential for all crafts I do….

We ended up with 2 Trees. My husband cut out the tree, and then last night said, “With the scraps from the tree I cut, we can simply glue the two sides together, and get another tree.” So that is what we did. We hot glued the two side scraps from the tree, thus creating a second tree (with a seam down the middle)

We simply bought a large piece of felt from Michael’s with a 50% off coupon. Then used Felt that I had left over from the Felt Nativity. You can pick up lots of colors of Felt Sheets for Cheap on Amazon – the cheapest way to get lots of different colors. Hot glue works best to put ornaments together or the stump for the tree. 

On the back, I made a loop, with scrap felt, at the top of the tree, and used Command Hooks (LOVE these hooks! We use them ALL over our house!) to hang the tree up. I used a little painters tape at a couple of the tree edges to make sure that it stays flat against the wall.

Here is what my hallway looks like now – all ready for the holiday season – as you can see, they get re-arranged and play with a lot! (even by the older kids!)

Felt Christmas Tree  Felt Christmas Tree
Felt Christmas Tree


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