Young Women Theme Leather Bracelets

Young Women Theme Leather Bracelets

Can I say that I am in love with these bracelets? I don’t even wear bracelets. For Young Women’s, we were going to make the arrow bracelet to give the girls for New Beginnings this year, to go with the new theme, “Press Forward with a Steadfastness in Christ.” Giving the girls another option than the pendants (which are way cool too!)

So I went on Amazon and found the Arrow Charms (there are lots of Arrow Charms on Amazon for cheap).  I also picked up some small Jump Rings to use with them (on other projects) because they were very cheap, and the holes on this charm are tiny. When I was searching I found so many charms that would work awesome as YW bracelets.

When I was searching, I found so many charms that would work awesome as YW bracelets.

I saw the Anchor Charms and it reminded me to be Anchored in Christ – much like the Theme for 2015

I saw the Infinity Charm and it reminded me of eternal life.

The Compass Charm to remind us that Christ is our compass and way to eternal life and exaultation. I think the Compass Charm may be my favorite.

The Love Charm – well, that is kind of self-explanatory. The love of God and to all mankind. Something really needed in this world right now.

Well, they were all inexpensive, so I bought them all

After I bought all those charms, I picked up Leatherette bracelets off of Etsy. Now, if I were to do something different, it would be this. These work great for half of the charms. However, for the Arrow and the Compass, these do not work. I had to un-crimp the end of each loop, feed the leather through the charms, and then re-crimp it. Not incredibly difficult, but a pain. I thought buying them pre-made would be the easiest option, but I was wrong. Oh well, I’ll be un-crimping several bracelets now….

If I were to buy again, I would simply buy Suede Cord, because it is REALLY cheap for bunch of it and then buy some crimp end with lobster clasp or it is cheaper to buy separately – Crimp ends and the Lobster clasp (apparently there is a way to make them adjustable without the crimp end and lobster clasp, so you might look up a tutorial and skip buying them altogether – might be the easiest, cheapest option! I may try this for future bracelets). You might also need some Jump Rings, but they are very cheap.  Then you can make them whatever size you want. Then simply feed the suede through the arrow/compass, make the loop, and crimp the ends. For the other charms, simply make the bracelet, (two loops, connected via lobster clasp. Crimp the ends of each loop together, then connect the two loops via Lobster clasp. See the pictures of Leatherette bracelets for an example – or make the adjustable bracelets that don’t use clasps. There is a picture of the entire arrow bracelet below)  and then feed the bracelet through the Charms as seen in my pictures.

Even with the pre-made bracelet set back, I figured it out, and it only took me a few minutes to make the bracelets. So these are pretty simple and easy to make, plus they are cheap!

I gave all of these (except the arrow one – she’ll get that at New Beginnings with the other girls) to my daughter, who happily modeled them for the photos. I really like them, I may have to make a set for myself (I have plenty! You get lots of charms cheap….) and actually wear some breacelets…. I also made her these inspirational word bracelets.

You can see the whole bracelet – two loops, crimped at the end and a lobster clasp on one end.



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