Baking Flat Cakes

Baking Flat Cakes

I am so freaking excited about this tip that I had to share it right away! It all my years of making cakes, how I did not know about this?!?! I was planning to make cakes today, for my daughter’s birthday this weekend, and I happened to be on Pinterest last night. One pin in my feed was “How to bake flat cakes.” I clicked, knowing I was going to be making cakes the next day. I decided what was the harm, I’ll try the trick.

It totally worked!!! This is going to change my cake baking life! It is going to make stacking cakes sooo much easier!

The pin said that they had purchased these Regency Evenbake Cake Strips – well I didn’t have time to get those delivered, even with Amazon Prime. I kept reading and they suggested that towel strips would work just as well. Well, I have lots of junk towels that I could easily rip up and would cost me nothing. Then you simply wet the strips and pin them around the cake pan. Cheap and easy!

This morning, I took an old ripped up towel. I held it up to the side of my pan, made a cut with my scissors, and then ripped the strip. I now had strips perfect for the size of my pans.

When the cake batter was in my pans and ready to go in the oven, I simply wet the strips, wrang out the extra water, wrapped them around the side of the pans, pinned them in place (make sure your strip will slightly overlap), and placed them in the oven.

That’s it!! So SIMPLE! It totally works too! I made 6 layers today and it worked on all of them! I am making a rainbow cake and I was soooo worried about getting the layers even/flat to stack that many layers. This was such GREAT timing to get this tip. I am going to be using this tip OFTEN!

Yes – I get excited about small things like this. This was a big find for me – I am soooo excited about this tip! Seriously such an easy tip that is totally changing my cake baking life!

Baking Flat Cakes  Baking Flat Cakes

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