Rainbow Cake & Cupcakes

Rainbow Cake

I am finally getting around to writing about my Daughter’s Birthday cake. We went on a vacation to the beach right after her birthday (last year she want to Hawaii – not feasible this year since I am too pregnant to fly!), and I feel like I am just now catching up. Our kids seem to think they get a trip for their birthday’s… Which honestly usually happens – at least the almost 3-year-old hasn’t figured this out – since I am due to have a baby near his birthday and a trip is out (at least we can double up trips with having 2 with birthday’s close together – 2 for 1!)… but the 5-year-old is already planning his 6th birthday trip (and the 10-year-old already has a trip to Disneyland/legoland/Universal planned by me for his 11th)

We usually try to make fancy-ish birthday cakes for our kids. I find it fun and challenging and they love getting to pick out what kind of cake we are going to make each year.

My daughter started planning her birthday party shortly after Christmas. She wanted a rainbow theme this year. I had seen these stacked rainbow cakes and knew it would be fun to make. So we went on Pinterest and out of all the rainbow cakes, she decided on the 6 layer rainbow cake.

I figured it would be pretty easy, other than getting the cakes even and stacking them so they don’t fall/slip.

Luckily, I figured out how to make flat cakes!! Seriously was a lifesaver for this cake! See that post here

Then all you need is 2 white cake mixes, food coloring, and 2-3 batches of my Buttercream frosting

Split one cake mix worth of batter into 3 bowls, and add food coloring – thus giving you 6 colors/layers once you’ve made 2 cake mixes. I used Roy G Biv – to remember to the colors and the order to put them in when assembling the cake! (Then I had the TMBG song stuck in my head….)

Bake according to box directions and allow the cakes to cool.

I then froze each layer separately. Once frozen, I stacked three layers – giving me two, 3 layer cakes – with frosting in-between each layers. I then froze the 2 cakes again. Once frozen, and not long before the party, I stacked the 2 cakes together (w/frosting of course!) and then frosted the outside. The great thing about frozen cakes, is it REALLY cuts down on the crumbs you get when frosting, so no need for the crumb layer! It was super easy to frost and turned out looking great!

We then topped the cake with some skittles (I am not a fan of skittles 😛 but my kids like them). I found Skittles super cheap on Amazon – $1.29 for that big bag (Amazon prices change frequently – always check back if price is higher!)

Pretty easy cake to make and the freezing it may be unnecessary steps for some of you, but for me it made it soooo much easier, and no issues with sliding or slipping! It stacked beautifully!

When we cut into the cake at the party, everyone was impressed! I think it turned out pretty cool!

We also made some cupcakes to go with the cake. Pretty much the same steps. One cake mix, food coloring, and a batch of butter cream frosting.

Then separate the cake mix into 6 bowls (or less… honestly, I don’t think you’d miss a color or two!). Then layer/spoon a little of each color into each cupcake liner. Bake according to directions. Let cool and frost! Easy! I didn’t take a picture of one cut once baked, but they looked pretty cool!

Now to plan the next kid’s birthday cake… which happens to be about the time I am due to have this next baby… We’ll see what we come up with!

    Rainbow Cake
    Rainbow Cake
    Rainbow Cake & CupcakesRainbow Cake
    Rainbow Cake
    Rainbow cupcakesRainbow cupcakes
    Rainbow cupcakes
   Rainbow cupcakesRainbow cupcakes

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