I’ve been MIA from this blog for a few weeks. For good reason though! Baby #5, Boy #4 was born exactly 3 weeks ago today! He is the sweetest, easiest little guy, and I’ve pretty much just been staring at, cuddling, and feeding him these past 3 weeks! I told my family this baby would be a boy before I was even pregnant. Of course, I was right 😉 I told them if we were crazy enough to go for baby #6, I am sure it would be another boy – it is hard to break a streak, especially one that is 4 straight! At least we had our girl first 😉

I had a severe hemorrhage after his birth, which has led me to a much longer recovery time than I am used to. Having your body create/replace that much blood takes time apparently. I was pale and swollen all over for quite a while. After his birth, I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror – which is why there are no pictures of me after he was born, I did not look like “me.” I even wore sunglasses when my other kids came to the hospital, as not to scare them. Plus with 2 epidurals that did NOT work and Pitocin for well over 24hrs (even after his birth, to help with the hemorrhage – not to mention other drugs to help with bleeding),  I was out of it for a few days! I am so grateful for all my nurses and doctors who saved my life – which is why I always have my babies in a hospital – you never know when something can go wrong and this time, something just happened to go wrong!

3 weeks later, I am starting to feel back to normal. I am looking much more like “me” too (not swollen and I have some color back!) My family from DC just left this morning. They were here for the baby’s blessing at church and were able to enjoy Easter with us. Now I need to get caught up on some laundry – but at least my dishes are caught up and the house isn’t a horrible mess (the floors are in dire need of a vacuuming and mopping after having so many people here though!)… Now that Spring Break is over, and my family is gone, we have to get into a groove and schedule for the bigger kids school, routine, etc. I am sure we’ll get it down in time for Summer break 😉 At least my husband works from home now, making life much easier in many ways!

Now I hope to get caught up on some recipes I’ve enjoyed in the last few weeks – especially my Carrot Cake Cheesecake that I made for Easter – it was soooo good!!

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