giggle to myself

I read a facebook post between 2 new moms that just made my laugh this morning. One was asking parenting advice from the other – her baby is a whole 2 months or so older, so she knows everything. It was just amusing to read their advice/exchanges. Makes me wonder if I was like that when I was a new mom? All about schedules and what they read in certain books. How to create the perfect room. How to be the perfect Parent and buy the perfect stuff. Oh the life of a first-time mom! Was it really that long ago?!?! It is a fun time (I am not dissing them – at all! We moms need to support one another. Not tear each other down. They are doing an awesome job and I applaud them!!! Life is just sooo MUCH different with 3-6 children at home versus 1)

It made me laugh simply because this is exactly how my morning went:

10-year-old comes upstairs, waking us up, asking what sauce would be good on his eggs. Eggs? This kid only wants to eat cereal for breakfast. Apparently he got up this morning and made himself eggs and turkey bacon. Well, He didn’t burn down the house (my exact first thought), so I guess it’s all good.

Woke up made 3 kids lunches and drove the oldest 2 to school. Had to remind the 10-year-old twice not to forget his swimming suit/towel/lunch, since he was going on a field trip today. Thankfully my 13-year-old didn’t have many issues this morning!

Got home and it’s time to get the 5-year-old off to Kindergarten. Get him dressed with shoes on, fed, lunch in his backpack (Kindergarten is all day here)… This on its own takes all morning to keep him on task. Getting ready to head out for the bus, can’t find his coat. ANYWHERE. We haven’t needed them in weeks, but it was raining this morning. My husband even checked the car. *Sigh* Of course it is his nice, new (ahem expensive) coat. I bet he left it at school awhile ago. I remind him as he is getting on the bus to look for his coat at school. I can almost guarantee he’ll forget. I already have an alarm set in my phone to go to the school later and look for his coat. It is close to the end of the year, and we have to get it!

I get in the shower while the 5-year-old is eating breakfast – I have a few minutes before putting him on the bus. Baby is asleep from nursing. 3-year-old (who I fed with his older brother) comes in asking for Apple Juice. I JUST got in the shower I tell him. You’ll have to wait. Well, he has figured out he can play his game that is on the TV downstairs, in my bathroom, because my bathroom is directly above the TV downstairs (It’s on the Wii-U – he was playing on the game pad) So much for a few minutes of quiet “me” time. Finish my shower. He is still complaining about his apple juice. Baby apparently woke up while I was in the shower and is now crying. I quickly get dressed, throw on a shirt and pick up the baby.

Well, the baby was upset/crying, so what does he do AS SOON as I pick him up? Yep! Throws up all over me. Nice…. Just got out of the shower and clean clothes. This is exactly why I don’t get dressed most days. Last week, I got dressed for an appointment – immediately threw up on me. Into the laundry. The next day, I get dressed to go out in the same, now clean outfit. What happens? You guessed it! More spit up before I can even leave the house. This is why I live in Pjs most of the time….

So I am covered in baby throw-up. I have a 3-year-old complaining about Apple Juice. The 5-year-old can’t find his coat and the bus is coming. We grab another coat, tell him to find his coat at school (It will be a miracle if he remembers to look today!), I go out and wave to him, while still covered in baby throw-up. Come back inside. Give the 3-year-old some juice. Put the baby down with his toys to change my clothes and start some laundry. Then checked facebook and read their “perfect” mothering ideas. HA! Just gave me the giggles. First-time moms to having 5 kids… Yay for them and their excitement with being parents and having the “perfect” schedule/kid. They should enjoy that time!! Sometimes I wish I was still like that… Now I am just more realistic (Like those Luvs Commercials – LOVE THEM! So accurate!). We all want to do what is best for our kids. Give them everything.  For me, it now comes down to, “Are they Happy? Fed? Semi-clean? Well-cared for? Know they are loved?” If I get to the end of the day and answer “yes” to those, It is a good day. Notice I didn’t put wearing clothes on that list. Meh. Pick your battles 🙂

Now where did I leave the baby???


(ha! That last one was a joke… He’s been nursing here with me this whole time. Hence why I had a second to write)


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