When I’m President: Part One

I’m typing this post one handed while on the treadmill, while my 7-month-old takes his morning 15-minute nap and my 3-year-old watches Sesame Street before he gets on the bus for his speech class.

You may be asking why my baby is taking a nap before 9am? Daylight Savings!

When I become President of the United States, my first order of business will be to eliminate Daylight Savings.

This presidential election has missed a huge voting block by not addressing this issue: Parents. Every Parent I know hates it! The election takes place right after it takes effect. Imagine how many undecided parent voters would be swayed to a candidate the days after this terrible time change. I know I would be! It’ll be #1 on my to-do list.

I love that my baby woke up playing Peek-a-Boo with his blanket. ADORABLE! It would have been even more adorable if it wasn’t at 5am!

This shall be my first order of business. I will be old enough to run for President in the next election cycle – I’m just sayin’

My second order will be to change all Federal ┬áHolidays to Friday’s. I mean whose brilliant idea was it for most of them to be on a Monday. It messes up your whole week! You don’t know the day of the week, the entire week after a Monday holiday.

You get to a Monday holiday and it’s hard to enjoy it because you know you have to get back to work/life the next day. Totally a kill-joy.

Friday’s on the other hand, you’ll get to Thursday and have a pleasant surprise in realizing that it is actually your Friday! YAY! Then you enjoy your holiday and you still have your entire weekend to enjoy after! See?!? Much better!

#Davisforpresident2020 or hopefully #Davisforpresident2024 (fingers crossed – we’ll see tomorrow)

A Mormon Democratic Female Candidate for President?!? You never know! ­čśŐ

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