250 bouncy balls

For Valentine’s this year, my son found some cute valentines on Pinterest with bouncy balls instead of candy. He decided he REALLY wanted to do those this year. I’ll have to post the finished product when we make them.

So I went on Amazon and searched for Bouncy Balls. The cheapest per ball was this giant bag of 250. Well, we didn’t really NEED 250, but I was sure we could think of things to do with the rest. FYI – the rest are sitting in my gumball machine now, until we decide what to do with them!

Well, we got the bag and we wanted to do something fun with them before we gave them away. So we decided to drop them all at once off the balcony of our upstairs (our downstairs ceilings are 10 feet tall for reference).

IT WAS AWESOME! My kids thought it was the greatest thing ever. I thought we would do it once and then after we cleaned up, they wouldn’t want to clean them up again. I was wrong! They did it 6 more times after that first one (as seen in video above)

Sometimes, you just have to let loose and make a mess. This is something we will remember forever. Doing something silly, outrageous, and fun together as a family! Of course, now I am finding random bouncy balls all over the house…. 🙂

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