Costume Proton Pack

Costume Proton Pack

For Halloween this year, (I guess it was last year now!) my son wanted to be a Ghostbuster. Well, the store bought costumes were expensive and quite frankly, lame. So we looked at pictures online and looked around the house, as well as hitting up the dollar store, to see what we could come up with.

He already had Khaki Pants, so we just bought him a khaki shirt off ebay or Amazon (don’t remember which place we picked it up inexpensively)

We then searched for the Ghostbusters logo, and printed it out on Sticker Paper (I have used this paper for soooo many projects!) to put it on the arm of his shirt. We also printed the red “CAUTION” sticker (google for a picture of it) for the proton pack on the same sheet of Sticker Paper.

The Proton Pack was easier that I thought it would be and practically free to make (I think we bought $3 worth of stuff for it? All reusable for something else)

We started with an Amazon box, because we have lots of those around! We then spray painted it black with some cheap black spray paint we had in the garage from another project. We used some black duct tape for the straps (simply double side it where it is not attached to the box, so it’s not sticky)

For the top rectangle, that is simply one of those leftover lunch meat containers. If you don’t have something like that, they sell them at the dollar store. The round part is an old, foil pie tin we had. They also sell them at the dollar store – or a round plastic container would work as well! Simply spray paint them with the same black spray paint. We used the black duct tape to connect them to the box.

I made the red dots with some red duct tape. You could simply tape off the circles when spray painting, then once dry, remove the tape, and color the spots with a red sharpie or marker.

We had the computer ribbon from an old computer. If you don’t have one, some wide, multicolored or gray fabric ribbon would work – or be creative, I’m sure you could find something around the house that would work!

We bought 2 different colored jump ropes at the dollar store and a light-up wand/lightsaber. We simply wound the jump ropes around the Proton Pack and stuck the excess rope inside the box, so we could re-use the jump ropes. You could simply cut them as you see fit, if you don’t care about re-using them! We used the black duct tape to attach the lightsaber to the end of one of the jump ropes.

We then just took the tops off of 2 different types of water bottles (we have soooo many water bottles around here. Or buy one or 2 at the dollar store, if you don’t have any), put one on the box and the other in the center of the round (now spray painted black) pie tin.

We created a spot on the side of the box, with the black duct tape, to holster the lightsaber.

It turned out REALLY cool! The kids at school and the other Halloween parties we attended thought it was awesome. Our boy was pretty thrilled with it, so it was a complete success – with little cost to us!

Costume Proton Pack

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