Instant Pot

I just did it. I took the plunge. I’ve heard soooo much about the Instant Pots lately, I took the plunge and got one. I guess if everyone is jumping off a bridge, I will too. It will be here this weekend. YAY! I got the 8qt one, because Hello? Big family! Ha! I did my research. Read Reviews. Checked Amazon prices and it is at its lowest price ever. I have always wanted a Pressure Cooker, but honestly, they’ve always freaked me out. So now I’ll be searching out recipes and doing a lot of experimenting. Of course, I’ll blog it all here! If you want to join in the journey with me, head on over to Amazon and pick one up at it’s lowest price yet! (better than Christmas!)

Now to blog my backlog of recipes we’ve been making. We’ve had some good ones lately!

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